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Saving money after Christmas – Post-Christmas blues

Christmas may not be too far behind us but, in many ways, as we sit in the cold, long dark nights of January, it will feel like a lifetime ago. All the preparations getting ready for the festive season take a lot of time, effort and, more importantly, money! Once the big day is over and done with, the new year can feel like a long month with little money to go around. It might feel like everyone is watching their finances, but there are ways to spread your cash and here are our favourite ways to save some money after Christmas.


It might sound like a strange idea when we’re talking about saving money to suggest spending it, but there is a logic behind it. January is a great time to grab some bargains in the sales. Even though you might still be recovering financially from last Christmas, it’s the perfect time to start shopping for the next one. When you’re browsing in the January sales, take the opportunity to stock up on things you’re going to need next Christmas. Things like wrapping paper, decorations, cards and even lights can be bought at a fraction of their original price. As shops look to reduce their stock of festive items, there are some incredible bargains to be had. These kind of items will never be cheaper than they are right now and will look just as good next Christmas.


Through December, you might have had enough of images of Christmas trees, snowmen and various wintery scenes, but if not, they might just save you money throughout the year. Providing you don’t mind using out-of-season accessories, buying them to use all year round can save you money.


Whether it’s for birthday parties for the kids, BBQs in the summer or ambient lighting in your bedroom, they can all help you save money all year round. Try picking up some cheap paper plates, napkins or disposable cutlery which can give you a little extra money in your pocket. You can, for example, using Christmas paper plates for your summer BBQ, fairy lights can be used to decorate your bedroom to add some subtle lighting, festive storage boxes can be used in the garage and even scented candles can add a touch of romance to your home, providing you don’t mind looking at the Christmas stylings in July.


In the run up to Christmas, the items that are high on everyones most-wanted list are generally expensive. High demand often equals high cost, but that changes once Christmas has passed. It’s time to use that drop in price to your advantage.  Of course, not everything is reduced, but items like clothing, furniture and especially fitness equipment will be reduced, often massively.


Seasonal clothing will be much cheaper as stores look towards the summer, furniture is reduced to make way for new season styles and fitness equipment looks to capitalise on people’s New Year resolutions to get fitter, but also the amount of those who soon give up on them. There are also a number of other external factors that can help this scenario. One of the largest technology shows takes place in January. This often showcases the latest gadgets, meaning the current models often face a price cut. This is the perfect opportunity to snap those types of items that you can put away for birthday presents later in the year.


With all of these savings in mind, you can hopefully see how you can use these tips to help you get through the lean days after Christmas. Using these ideas to your advantage can be a great way to help you save money in January, but those savings can last you all year. If you’re got any tips of your own, just let us know.