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New Year, New Budget?

When it comes to starting a new year, for many people, it means starting afresh in a number of different ways – new diets, new clothes, less bad habits – but a lot of this can come at a cost, and one of the most popular new year resolutions out there is to save money for the year ahead – but how do people do it, and what’s the best way to trim back a little on the spending?

Find out where you’re overspending

This sounds like a little bit of a no-brainer, but it’s true – so many of us overspend in areas we don’t often foresee – for example when it comes to phone bills, credit card statements and travel expenses – so it’s well worth taking a fine toothcomb to bank statements over the past year to see just where you’re making unnecessary payments and what’s essential to you.  People often overlook mobile phone bills, meaning that it’s also worth looking at the tariff you are on and to see what calls you make are and aren’t included in your call plan.

Switch brands

Many people, once a new year rolls around, will be tempted to try new brands, new experiences, and new cuisines – when it comes to saving money, this is a fantastic idea – while shopping, why not try a cheaper brand to see whether or not you can shave money off of your final grocery bill?  Doing this enough could well see a considerable overall reduction to your bill, meaning it’s worth looking into the cheapest options available to you.

Shop online

Shopping online can hold a host of benefits for regular store shoppers and gift buyers alike – as you may well be able to find voucher codes and deals that you’ll not find elsewhere on the high street.  There’s a wealth of voucher and offer sites available where you could save yourself a considerable amount of money in areas you may not have originally thought of.

New year often means ‘new you’ for a lot of people, but this needn’t mean that changes be expensive – in fact, a lot of changes can be made to your expenditure and habits to help shave the cost of the year ahead, even if it is in small amounts.  Why not consider looking at your current expenditure and seeing if you can make some big financial changes for your year ahead?