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The Best Car Brands of 2023

A new study of the best car brands of 2023 has revealed you don’t have to spend a fortune to own a reliable motor.

The research by Consumer Reports ranked each brand in terms of safety, reliability and satisfaction, giving them an overall score.

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British car brands had mixed results, with home-grown marques featuring in both the top and bottom five.

The cars were given an extremely thorough test to achieve their ranking. Consumer Reports used a road test score first, taking into consideration handling, braking, convenience, comfort and fuel economy.

Then, the scores from satisfaction and reliability surveys were combined with safety results to come up with an ultimate score.

Which car brands are most reliable?

The most reliable car brand of 2023 is the BMW, based on the combination of road test results, owner satisfaction surveys and reliability data.

However, despite the luxury German brand taking the top spot, the survey revealed consumers don’t necessarily need an expensive brand to achieve satisfaction.

BMW narrowly beat the runner-up, Japanese brand Subaru, which had won the previous best car survey of 2022.

The best British car was the Mini, which was number three on the list, followed by Lexus (Toyota’s luxury vehicle division), followed by another Japanese marque, Honda.

Worst five cars of 2023

The bottom five cars of 2023 may come as a shock, since they include luxury models.

Taking up the spots of shame are Japanese brand Mitsubishi, Italian luxury car Alfa Romeo, British classic the Jaguar, the American Jeep and Britain’s Land Rover.

Alfa Romeo and Jaguar produce high end luxury vehicles and have a long-established reputation of quality, so it has come as a shock that they have fared so poorly.

Why have some brands flourished?

Commenting on the survey, Consumer Reports said it had been “especially interesting” this year to compile the results.

Researchers said automobile manufacturers were continuing to battle ongoing pricing and inventory problems that began during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The industry has not yet recovered from the knock-on effects of the disruption three years ago.

Brands that have managed to retain their position on the forecourt have matched supply with demand and navigated the supply chain issues better than their rivals, according to consumer satisfaction surveys.

Experts at Carwow UK say cars with a reputation for quality and reliability tend to hold their value better than counterparts.

The survey results may impact car sales moving forward into 2024, because more people are looking to buy used cars, due to the cost of buying a new vehicle, according to consumer polls.

Survey results that show some luxury models at the bottom of the reliability list won’t instil confidence in the market. In addition, fuel-efficient vehicles with a low tax rate also depreciate less, due to the cheaper running costs.

Which car brand retains its value the best?

Research by Carwow reveals the top five cars that hold their value the best are Honda, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes and Audi.

It is interesting to note that two of the marques, BMW and Honda, are in the top five best cars of 2023, according to Consumer Reports’ research.

This suggests motorists are influenced by surveys such as this, as consumers are more concerned about spending money on their car due to the ongoing economic crisis blighting the UK.

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